Our Products

We are proud to offer an exclusive portfolio of exceptional spirits and boutique wines from Greece.


    Mastiha Tree, which is also known as the famous Crying Tree, rare and natural tree resin, only grows and is cultivated on the small Mediterranean island of Chios. Nowhere else in the world has it been able to take root, which makes it stubbornly Greek.

    Our exceptional Mastiha spirit 'FOS' has been exclusively formulated for Ambrosia Group. Originating from the island of Chios using traditional, tedious collection and cultivation methods, while utilizing modern technology to distill, blend and bottle. Its distinctive aroma, mysterious attributes and therapeutic results are common features of Mastiha. This characteristic, balanced sweet spirit has pronounced notes of cucumber, pine, anise, and fresh herbs. FOS is great as an aperitif or a digestif. Served chilled neat, on the rocks, or mixed in an array of different cocktails...

    Needless to say we have ensured that our Mastiha liqueur is made out of 100% pure Mastiha & is NOT scented.

    We have expanded the FOS brand to other Spirits such as our delicious and unique Ouzo, while we search for other unique spirits that cater to the discerning consumer.


    We are also thrilled to announce one of our newest additions FOS Mastiha sparkling water. The combining of Mastiha with water is said to have begun around four millennia ago in ancient Egypt, where they used this simple but enchanting idea to purify the water and make it pleasant to drink. FOS Mastiha Water is the result of the distillation of pure Mastiha using steam.

    Enjoy its crisp delicious taste, and beneficial properties.


    We feature handcrafted wines from family owned independent producers from various wine producing regions of Greece. These wines are usually old world style, soil driven, non additive, and balanced with natural acidity.

    These wines will enhance the flavor of the food you taste. Our wine portfolio consists of small to medium size production vintages. We focus on luxury boutique wines that will awaken your taste buds, and explore your senses.